LEANability Trainings & Workshops

Those who choose LEANability as their training partner definitely do nothing wrong. LEANability tours around the world with trainings. No matter if Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, Spain, India, Thailand or China, you will find fully satisfied training participants everywhere. All training courses focus on one thing: theory is necessary, but practical application is the most important thing. All training courses are designed in such a way that what has been learned can be put into practice the next day. Also experience how other companies implement agility and Kanban – our trainers actively bring a lot of real, self-experienced practical examples into the training, so that knowledge quickly turns into their own application.

Learn already today what others will read in our books only in a few years!

Flight Levels WORKSHOPS

Those who limit agility to the team level suboptimise the entire organisation. In the Flight Levels Workshops you will learn how to establish agility company-wide and thus achieve business agility. Apply all exercises directly to your own business context!
Our Flight Levels Workshops build on each other: (1) Flight Levels Flow Design, (2) Flight Levels Systems Architecture, (3) Flight Levels Coaching Skills and (4) Flight Levels Coach. Please contact us, if you want to pursue another way!

(1) Flight Levels
Flow Design

Learn how to build Flight Level 2 and Flight Level 3 work systems.

(2) Flight Levels
System Architecture

Find out which work systems your company needs.

(3) Flight Levels Coaching Skills

Strengthen your coaching skills as preparation for becoming a Flight Levels Coach.

(4) Flight Levels Coach

Learn how you can drive flight levels forward in your organization

Accredited KANBAN Trainings

(1) Apply Kanban – KSD

Kanban in action! The 2-day training “Using Kanban, KSD” deals in detail with the hard facts of working with Kanban.

(2) Improving Kanban – KSI

The basics of Kanban are in place and it is already running in practice? And yet you still have the feeling: “Something still has to be done? There is still something possible for sure and we will show you that in “Improving Kanban, KSI”.