Now available on Leanpub: Chapter 1 of „Practical Kanban“

Now available on Leanpub: Chapter 1 of „Practical Kanban“

Katrin Dietze
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[section_dd][column_dd span=’12’][text_dd]Practical Kanban BookWhen I was in Bangkok in Februray for giving some trainings, it became clear to me: My new book „Practical Kanban – From Team Focus to Creating Value“ should be published in English as soon as possible. I travel around the English speaking part of the world quite a lot and people there aren’t too keen on reading my ideas in German. Furthermore, readers of the English edition shouldn’t have to pay two or three times more than the German ones – I had to make this experience with my first book „Kanban Change Leadership“. So Katrin and I decided to produce the English edition of „Practical Kanban“ entirely on our own. And it was easy to do so with Leanpub as a platform: As soon as one chapter is translated and reviewed, we can publish it as a pdf or ebook. Besides that, new ideas and developments can be included much earlier. And finally: We can charge a – from our point of view – fair price. So publishing with Leanpub can be calld „agile“. For my part, I simply think it’s cool! Most important in Chapter 1

  • I seized the opportunity to include some learning I made in my trainings. The question of regulated or not regulated on certain Flight Levels proved to be irrevelant. So I radically simplified the Flight-Levels-model and now there are only 3 Flight Levels.
  • Participants of my trainings always ask me for a written instruction for the ship building experiment. You can find the whole instruction in chapter 1 as well as an explanation of the mechanisms that are at work in this experiment.
  • Chapter 1 also comprises a review of the Kanban principles and the goals of working with Kanban.

A book at the price of a chapter! We aim at delivering the whole English edition as an ebook within the next few weeks. In the meantime we’d like to make you the following offering:

  • Buy Chapter 1 now for 4 dollars and get the other chapters for free! As soon as the book is complete it will cost 24 dollars – so you save quite a lot.

Enjoy reading! „Practical Kanban“ on  Leanpub[/text_dd][/column_dd][/section_dd]

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