Don't Optimize Teams

Don't Optimize Teams

Klaus Leopold

The title of my talk at the Lean Kanban North America 2016 conference carried a quite direct message: Don’t optimize teams! 
One of the biggest mistakes I see in Agile transformations (gee, I hate this term) is that organizations “install” Agile methods on teams and then they think agility of their organization improved. Unfortunately, that is totally not working!! I mean, it’s a perfect approach if you are a consulting company. You really can sell a lot of billable days because all these teams need training and coaching. However, if you are the company that’s striving for agility it’s no good advice. In most of the cases the company’s performance will go down and this with very high consulting costs. But just watch the video:

Unfortunately, nobody told me that the cameraperson glued his camera to a fixed position. That’s why I disappear behind the slides from time to time :-/
I loved the energy of the audience in the room during my session. I really had a lot of fun on stage and many very deep conversations after the talk. And there was also quite some Twitter coverage during my session. Here some highlights:

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