Kanban Training at Spotify NYC

Kanban Training at Spotify NYC

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We are reaching out after a successful Kanban training and LeanUX conference presentation in New York City! And in true New Yorker style it was simultaneously both “awesome” and “epic”
We had the pleasure of implementing a Kanban training at our friends from Spotify in Manhattan. Spotify is drastically growing and this can also be seen in their office building. They now have a new floor with completely new rooms and we even had the honor of using the room “Where’s your head at” (cool song by Basement Jaxx) first. The rooms at Spotify are really quite unique and are optimally and effectively laid out for cooperative work. Food and drink (including beer) are all complementary, there are numerous public areas where larger groups can work together as well as many lounges where people can retreat for more in-depth conversations. There is also a stage with a plethora of instruments which workers regularly jam out on. Of course, such a company cannot do without such a setup. But, do not take our word for it; have a look at the pictures for yourself…
And in the middle of this inspirational environment, the “Applying Kanban” training took place. Within this extremely international group, the level of knowledge was very high and the participants from Spotify surely contributed to that. If there is such a thing as an agile organization, then Spotify is the ideal role model, as seen in the following video:

There is still some lingering jet lag, but that will surely subside. We are more worried about switching back to the language of the German-speaking countries. After all, “Fucking awesome shit” does not fly too well here in our corner of the globe…

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